What does it mean to be Baylor’s Truett Seminary?

April 8, 2019
Truett Seminary

Established in 1991 with classes starting in 1994, George W. Truett Theological Seminary is one of the 12 schools and colleges of Baylor University. As an orthodox, evangelical seminary within the historic Baptist tradition, Truett equips God-called women and men for gospel ministry in concert with the Church through both rigorous academic instruction and intentional spiritual formation. But what does it mean for Truett to be a seminary embedded into a larger university, and not just any university, but Baylor University?

It means being a part of a vibrant, world-renowned, Christian university with over 17,000 other student-learners, teeming with scholarly activity and with the opportunity to engage leading scholars. Baylor’s international reputation for educational excellence and dedication to its Christian heritage and identity provide Truett Seminary a thriving academic environment and Christian context to be a community of faith seeking understanding.

It means opportunities to pursue joint degrees with five other top-ranked schools and colleges. Joint degrees are offered in partnership with the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, the Hankamer School of Business, Baylor Law School, the School of Education, and the School of Music. By choosing to complete two graduate-level programs, joint-degree students receive an exceptional, expansive education that further equips them to pursue their calling—whether in the church, the clinic, the courtroom, the classroom, the boardroom, or wherever their ministry might take them.

It means access to a library of more than 2.5 million volumes. In addition to this extensive collection, Baylor Libraries offer a variety of resources for the Truett community—from the University Writing Center to the TechPoint Media Lab to expert librarians who are eager to assist with research projects and more. Seminary students are also able to take advantage of the Graduate Research Center and to use the University’s PawPrints program.

It means interdisciplinary study is available and encouraged. Outside of joint degree opportunities, many Truett students enroll in other Baylor courses that are of particular interest and importance to them. For example, a seminarian interested in international missions may take foreign language classes, or a student wanting to work with children may take classes in the Child and Family Studies program. Truett students also collaborate with other Baylor departments to deepen their own academic experience and to enrich the studies of other students. For instance, through the Ramm Graduate Scholars Program, Master of Divinity students meet with doctoral STEM students to ponder the intersection of Christianity and science.

It means numerous opportunities to engage with Baylor undergraduates. Truett students serve as Resident Chaplains in each of Baylor’s on-campus residential communities, acting as a “pastor-in-residence” for the undergraduate students who live there. Sports Ministry students work with several of the Baylor Athletics teams, leading Bible studies and building relationships with student-athletes. Seminary students also help with Baylor’s weekly Chapel service, Baptist Student Ministries, and more.

It means the availability of significant health and wellness resources. Truett students have access to the Baylor Counseling Center, which offers counseling, mental health services and workshops, crisis intervention, and more. They can also use the Baylor Health Center and can gain health insurance coverage through the University. Seminary students also frequent the Student Life Center, run and walk the Bear Trail, and compete through Baylor Intramurals.

It means cheering on the Baylor Bears! Baylor Athletics is a NCAA Division I program with 19 high-performing varsity sports. Truett students, faculty, and staff regularly don their green and gold to attend Baylor Athletics events and support the Baylor Bears.

“As a Baylor alumnus myself (BA, 1988), I have taken seriously President Samuel Palmer Brooks’s admonition to ‘have a love for her,’” said Dr. Todd D. Still, Dean of Baylor’s Truett Seminary. “I am reminded daily that there is so much about Baylor to love. That Truett Seminary can be a part of Baylor life and the Baylor Line is a profound blessing. It offers our school an even richer seedbed — the word ‘seminary’ derived from the Latin seminarium means ‘seedbed’ — to prepare our gifted students for gospel work and witness. Simultaneously, our school helps our university to more fully realize its motto, ‘Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana.’ I trust the symbiotic, mutually enriching relationship that our still-young seminary enjoys with our storied university will grow from strength to strength in the days and years to come.”